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Bear Decor... nothing says "rustic" like bear decorations!

Bear Decor
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Whether you use bear decor as your main rustic decorating theme, or as an accent to highlight your unique country decor, bear images are almost essential in a cabin or lodge! This page is devoted to this mighty beast.

bear dinnerware

Did you know that there are only eight living species of bear? The types most commonly thought of are black and brown bears and the grizzly.

Bears are generally shy of humans, but can be aggressive in certain circumstances. Most notably a mother bear with cubs can be very aggressive in protecting her cubs from perceived harm. Likewise, a bear that is surprised by people can become very aggressive.

We discuss sharing habitat with bears on our wildlife neighbors page.

We're pleased to present the following selection of bear decor items to help you with your rustic decorating. Click on the image or text link for more info on each item or to complete a purchase.

Bear Decor

For an extensive selection of just about every conceivable kind of bear decor you can imagine click the banner below!

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Clarendon Ella's Rooster Braided Rug Size: Round 5'6"

Black Forest Decor

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