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Log cabin living... Just the phrase conjures up rustic images!

It's in our heritage... is it part of your future?

Maybe you have a log cabin today, or maybe you dream of log cabin living in the future. It could be a primitive hideaway in the woods or it may be a top-of-the-line expansive year-round home. The love affair with log homes has seduced many.

"There is a deep sense of peace to be had from living in a house made from natural trees. No stripped, chipped, cooked, compressed, treated or otherwise manufactured product can give us such an awareness of each living tree, just as it once stood." Allan Mackie

log cabin living

Our current lodge is a combination of squared cedar log and regular frame, but still I look at photos and plans for log homes in magazines and books and salivate.

Some folks find old log cabins or barns and refurbish them. Others work with one of the many companies today that specialize in building new log structures - from authentic rustic cabins to sprawling, luxury, high-tech homes.

You might consider a hybrid between a log home and a conventional home where you can enjoy a mix of log, timbers, stone, and modern conveniences. You don’t have to give up modern-day comforts to live in a log home.

Did you know?

Log cabins emerged in North America as early as the mid-1700s, serving as sturdy but simple home-made structures for pioneers. The earliest log homes were built with simple tools and were very basic. The entire house was probably no larger than your living room.

log cabin window

The trees most commonly used for log homes are lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, spruce, tamarack, and western larch.
Source: Log Cabin Living, D. Mack

You may be surprised to learn that logs insulate well. Logs keep a home almost twice as warm as a wood-frame house.

log cabin

"Logs have a lower 'R-value' than insulated 2x4 walls, but they work on the principal of thermal mass. Because of the cellular structure of logs, they tend to absorb heat and hold it longer than traditional walls. The logs will actually absorb heat from the interior of the house (or from the sun, if facing south), and when the temperature drops at night, the walls of your log home will release that heat back into the house until the temperatures equalize."
Source: Your Log Home Center

The love affair continues

There is a timeless beauty to a log house - whether it was built hundreds of years ago or just a few years ago. A log cabin provides a link to the past and a connection with nature.

It may require a lot of maintenance but it will last for centuries. No wonder so many are still in love with log cabin living.

Once you have a log home, whether it's a one room simple getaway or an expansive year-round home, you will want to furnish and decorate it with just the right log cabin decor and accessories.

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