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The rustic bedroom

From cabin or cottage style bedroom furniture to cabin rugs and more, here are plenty of rustic bedroom decor ideas

Black Forest Decor's Bear Bedding

You spend one third of your time in your rustic bedroom - the look may be rustic, but the feel should be be luxurious.

It's your personal piece of heaven! It's your sanctuary.

If you're decorating a guest room, your guests should feel welcome and that it's a special treat to visit.


You can use a variety of furniture in your rustic bedroom, but you'll likely want to focus on using log, wood, wicker, or wrought iron.

Furniture passed down through your family has special meaning. Pine is popular, affordable, and easily accessible. You may be able to buy or create hand painted designs on vintage or second hand furniture - such as flowers, birds, animals, country scenes, or leaves (it's like bringing the outdoors inside).

You'll need a dresser or two, bedside tables, and if you have room, consider a ladder back chair, a rocking chair, benches, a wicker chair, or a Windsor chair.

Log Beds

There are so many options when it comes to log beds that we've created a page just to show you. There are also some non-log beds on the Bedroom Furniture page.

But whether you choose a log bed or something else such as brass, iron, solid wood or a four poster bed for your cabin or lodge bedroom - it has to be comfortable. Don't skimp on your mattress!

Queen Leadville Bedding Set

Lodge Bedding

Outfit your bed with old fashioned quilts, animal prints, or plaids. Plump pillows - (I prefer down pillows but synthetics are the answer for those with allergies) are a must.

You may want to consider a feather bed. Top it with a down quilt and it's like sleeping in a cloud.

If you live in a climate where the nights are cool, consider flannel sheets, an electric blanket, or a heated mattress cover. Believe me, climbing into a toasty warm bed on a cold night is sheer bliss. More...

Birch Table Lamp

Rustic Lighting

Warm and inviting lighting is a must. An overhead light is useful for utilitarian purposes, lamps on your bedside tables are important for reading and to create an inviting atmosphere.

You can purchase rustic lamps or, if you are handy, you can convert old brass candle holders, oil or kerosene lamps, hurricane lamps, and tin lanterns to electrical lamps.

You might consider using recessed ceiling fixtures with a dimmer as mood lights or hand vintage wrought iron or metal chandeliers to achieve the rustic look you are looking for. More...

Rustic Flooring

The floor in a rustic bedroom should ideally be wood (or wood style laminate) and should be bare - but with scatter mats to warm your toes when you get out of bed on a chilly morning.

Braided rugs, hand hooked, or themed scatter rugs featuring images of moose, bears, cabins, and pine cones among other outdoor themes will add to the charm of your room. If they are reasonable quality, these rugs should wear well and last for years.


Willow wreaths, dried flowers, baskets with pine cones, flowers, plants, artwork, family photos, folk art, or even needlework samplers all contribute to the character and appeal of your bedroom. Include natural woods, aged surfaces, and rough finishes. More...

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Black Forest Decor

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