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Rustic curtain rods - branch out with your curtain rods and hardware

Everyone needs someone to lean on - and every country curtain needs rustic curtain rods to hang on.

Why not do something a little different with the windows at your cabin?

For instance, I've seen tree branches used as curtain rods with tab top curtains. The look was terrific. And very inexpensive - the only cost was the the hardware to hang it. Another innovative country curtain rod - an old garden rake. Or how about an old oar or paddle?

Rustic window coverings are generally simple with rod pocket or tab top panels - You might use pinch pleated for a great room or your bedroom.

With pocket headings, the curtain slips over the rod and hides it but the decorative finials (the pieces at each end) still show. Tab top panels show more of the curtain rod as well as the finials. And speaking of curtain rod finials, that's where the fun begins.

Black Forest Decor has a collection of rustic curtain rods in wrought iron that combine form and function with a touch of the whimsical!

Click on the image below for a sample of these great designs.

Bear & Tree Curtain Rod
Bear & Tree Curtain Rod

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