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Rustic window treatments

"Why do you need rustic window treatments? Why not leave your windows bare?"

Picking the right window treatment is easier than you think! In this video Jennifer Adams shows you how to select the right window treatment for any room in your house. Although she is not talking specifically about rustic window treatments, the advice in the video still applies!

If your windows look out into the forest or over the lake, you may not need window coverings for privacy - but you will want window coverings for

  • security - so people can't see in when you're not there
  • light control - so you can sleep in on sunny mornings
  • fabric protection - so your furniture doesn't fade in the sunlight... AND,
  • to make a statement - your choice in window coverings can add the final touches to your rustic decor

Rustic window treatments should ooze "natural."

Choose drapes or curtains, and choose from a variety of rustic curtain rods to hang your curtains or drapes. Choose basic fabrics and simple styles.

Energy conservation

One more reason to consider window treatments for your cabin or lodge. Window coverings chosen to keep the cold or heat out will help conserve energy, increase your comfort, and even save on your heating or air conditioning bills. Lined curtains (thermal lining or interlining with insulate)will help, as will the use of heavier fabrics. Natural fabrics will offer more protection than synthetics.

In colder climates, consider a thermal lining which can be hung behind your country curtains in the winter and taken down for the summer.

Choosing the right fabric

rustic fabrics in a consistent color theme

"People often choose a fabric that is inappropriate for the style, like a loosely woven fabric for a tailored style, or a stiff fabric for draperies which should hang softly." Merle Ball, Drapery Maker

For a rustic look select heavy fabrics in warm colors with texture and/or patterns, or pick light natural cottons or lace, depending on the room, the window, and your decor. You can combine prints - stripes, plaids, checks, paisley etc., but keep the color scheme the same to make it work.

Personalize your rustic window treatments with

  • stained glass panels and sun catchers
  • canoe paddles, skis, or snowshoes mounted on top of the window
  • unique tiebacks such as braided rope, twigs, beads or ribbons, dried or silk flowers, horseshoes, or fishing lures

Have a view you don't want to obscure?

A valance or topper will define your window and add color and texture. Then add a blind or shade that can be pulled or rolled up to reveal the entire window while still giving you the option of privacy or light control. Vertical blinds also offer a great combination of open glass versus complete privacy.

Window topper ideas

dried flower wreath over window

  • straw hats hung from pegs
  • easy rod pocket valance or swag
  • awnings
  • fabric or wallpaper covered cornices
  • a bundle of willow or twigs as a valance atop a simple panel curtain or blinds
  • deer antlers
  • dried flowers - bunches or wreaths
  • garlands or vines
  • a blanket or "lodgy" fabric swagged across the top of the window
  • metal cutouts on a valance or mounted on the wall above the window

Window covering for the gardener

A rustic window treatment for the gardener

Why have curtains when you can decorate your window with plants? Potted plants on shelves across the window will add life to your room - and the plants will love it.

How much fullness should curtains have?

Curtains that aren't full enough look cheap. To ensure your curtains have a rich, full feel to them here's a guide:

  • light weight fabrics need 3 - 3 1/2 x the width of the window
  • medium weight fabrics need 2 - 3 x the width of the window
  • heavy weight fabrics need 2 - 2 1/2 x the width of the window

See how to take window measurements for your rustic window treatments.

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